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Colleen Newcomb

I'm a Kentuckian, born and raised.  My interest in the arts began early with music.  I spent my formative years playing various instruments and singing.  By the time I was in high school I began to focus more seriously on visual arts.  I have worked in many different mediums and eventually in my search I discovered a passion for working with glass.  I am a self taught artist and I believe you can accomplish anything if spirit and determination are fanning your flames.  Most of the inspiration for my work comes from my two biggest loves in life, music and nature.  I draw the designs for all of my pieces so each piece is an original work from me to you.
Some things I enjoy outside from the studio include rock climbing, spending time in nature, collecting art, beers with friends, meals with family, and of course, music!
I currently live and work in Lexington, KY